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Recorded 4/9/16


With the usual din of the early Saturday morning gang at the McStudio in the background, Angie and Marianne catch up and share their mutual digital hoarding anxieties, chat about spring break and Marianne's new puppy, share some of their thoughts on embracing the constant changes that come with motherhood as well learning to let go, and finish with some hilarious Mother Angelica quotes as their Food for the Journey.


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Recorded 3/26/16


Angie and Marianne are back, sipping McCoffee in their McStudio with special guest Patty Spence, Angie's sister-in-law who is a first grade teacher and reading specialist.  The moms catch up on the latest news and Patty chimes in with her thoughts on early elementary readiness for little ones and for their parents.  The moms share some book and movie recommendations and finish with some cathedral building thoughts from, "The Invisible Woman," as their Food for the Journey.

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Recorded 3/5/16


Angie and Marianne chat about saying goodbye to another four-legged friend, how Angie spices up Lent with a creative pantry/freezer challenge, and share some great email feedback from a new listener.  


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Recorded 2/27/16


This week, the moms skip the McCoffee and the McStudio and record in Angie's basement where the coffee is MUCH better.  On tap this week: renovations; wintroverts and introverts; how to find a good contractor; the bane of noisy toys; and some long delayed listener feedback.   The moms share a daring super simple supper idea and some feasting and fasting Food for the Journey to wrap up the show.  

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Recorded 2/20/16


The moms are back after a two week break and a long time listener and frequent guest joins them in the McStudio as they chat about WinterFest, godparent traditions, and their latest Not Quite a Book Club Book Club pick, "The Great Divorce," by C.S. Lewis.

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Recorded 1/30/16


It's another busy morning at the McStudio as Angie and Marianne chat about geography bees, kiddie waiting rooms, fitting in fitness as a mom, and another super simple supper idea.  There's always a lot going on at the McStudio on a Saturday morning and this particular Saturday is extra busy!  Have feedback?  Send it to OldMomNewMom@gmail.com or leave voice feedback at 513-696-9541.  God bless!

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Recorded 1/16/16


Angie and Marianne chat about how important it is for moms to take time for spiritual retreats and share some different types of spiritual retreats available.  The moms dive into their cookbooks for a super simple supper idea and share the name of the next book they'll be reading and discussing.  

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Recorded 1/9/16


Angie and Marianne welcome back their good friend, Liz Sako (Episode #11) and Angie and Liz share their experiences of making a Cursillo retreat.  The moms tackle the topic of potty training and wrap up the show with some Pope Francis inspired Food for the Journey.  

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Recorded 12/19/15


Angie and Marianne wrap up 2015 and chat about the challenges of guiding your older kids through school projects as well as share some great listener feedback on how to make Advent fun for littles.


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