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Recorded 6/5/15


We're back and podcasting from our summer digs! This week, we invite our local listeners to join us anytime for our summer podcasts then chat about the end of the school year, gradutation, we start a petition to move Mother's Day, meal helpers, berry picking, and how every mom can be part of the New Evangelization.  We also give a shoutout to a loyal listener whose comment on our FB page lifted our spirits.  

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Recorded 5/22/15


It's another lively podcast with two toddlers and one puppy underfoot!  We've got great voice feedback from loyal listeners, stories about overnight growth spurts and Jesus grafitti, some of our favorite free or nearly free things to do with kids during the summer, and a new book to read for the NQaBC Book Club this summer!


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Recorded 5/11/15


The moms chat about Mother's Day surprises, confirmation, navigating kids and technology, their May pick for the NQABCBC - "Resurrection in May" by Lisa Samson, and end the show with some tech inspired Food for the Journey.  It's a lively podcast with the two toddlers and one bouncy puppy underfoot!


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Recorded 4/30/15


The moms chat about First Communion weekend, avocados as a metaphor, share some listener feedback, and tackle the ever frustrating reality of kids losing their stuff.  With thoughts on lost items, Angie and Marianne close out the show with quotes from St. Anthony.

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Recorded 4/24/15


Angie and Marianne welcome back special guest Julie Meintel (Episode #17) to the podcast.  With stories of intrepid toddlers and busy puppies, great voice feedback from listener Kristen, and Q&A for Julie about her latest volunteer position as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the family court system, the moms go just over an hour for this show as Julie shares how as a CASA she truly embraces the motto, "I speak for the child."  The moms end with some Matthew 25 inspired food for the journey.


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Recorded 4/16/2015


With the two toddler girls underfoot, Angie and Marianne share some great listener feedback, chat about some off-mike conversations, tackle the topic of helping moms find Christian community again, announce their book pick for the month of May for their Not Quite a Book Club Book Club, and share some food for the journey.

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Recorded 4/10/15


With eight kids underfoot as they record (!), Angie and Marianne share some highlights from their Easter celebrations and spring break with their older kids, including thoughts about being willing to change plans at the last minute.  The moms chat about how kids - even older kids - swallow the darndest things and Angie's daughter Sydney makes her podcast debut.  The moms share their thoughts on the book Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza and the movie God's Not Dead.  And they round out the podcast with some thoughts from C.S. Lewis and a prayer from Thomas Merton that has been popping up in Angie's life again and again.


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Recorded 4/2/15


Angie and Marianne chat about their plans for the upcoming Triduum and share thoughts about being both Martha and Mary as they prepare for Holy Week.  Angie shares news about the newest member of their family.  The moms welcome voice feedback from listener Miranda and share a meditation on the Holy Cross as their thoughts turn to the approach of Easter.

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Recorded 3/27/15




Angie and Marianne welcome their returning guests, Barb Patterson (episode #6) and Karen Hines (episode #37).  Between the two of them, Barb and Karen have mothered a total of 10 teenagers! Marianne shares a funny story about mistaken identity at confession.  And it's Bethy's 2nd birthday today!  




Barb and Karen share their thoughts about the blessings and challenges of mothering teenagers.  




Karen shares a verse from Thessolonians that has become her go-to prayer for her teenagers.


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Recorded 3/23/15




Angie and Marianne chat about the start of baseball season, springtime and kids playing outside, and laugh about going back and listening to their first podcasts back from November 2013.




Angie shares some of the ways she has helped her kids handle grieving the recent loss of their grandfather.  The moms ask for feedback from their listeners about how they've handled grief and loss with their kids.




The moms look forward to sharing fresh voice feedback in an upcoming podcast.  Marianne shares the name of the next book the moms will be reading and chatting about in coming weeks.  The moms share thoughts about the 33 Days to Morning Glory self-directed Marian Retreat and Consecration.



Angie shares a touching poem that her daughter Sydney wrote for her grandfather and shared at his funeral.


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