Old Mom New Mom Podcast

Recorded 12/12/13

We're back once again, podcasting with chatty babies.  Thanks for listening!


Angie and Marianne discuss early December snow days, Time magazine's choice for Man of the Year, infertility and naprotechnology, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Life with Kids

We chat about recent snowfalls and snowdays, St. Nicholas and St. Lucia feast day traditions and share a Faith & Family Tip of the week.

Shoutouts and Feedback

We've "soft launched" our podcast by sharing the podcast with our Bible study groups but both of us have yet to announce that we are officially podcasters. Marianne shares feedback on the podcast from her oldest daughter who is in 7th grade. Angie and Marianne share the core reason why they decided to start podcasting.

Food for the Journey

We discuss the Parable of the Prodigal Son and how it relates to the crowds at Christmas Mass.  Angie shares a beautiful quote from Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Looking for the links and the full details of what we discussed on this podcast?  Be sure to visit our site, Old Mom New Mom, for the full show notes.

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Recorded 12/5/2013

We're back after a two week break!  Thanks for listening. We've got a chatty baby once again today! Here's what we talked about in this episode:


We chat about Thanksgiving with our families, Fr. Ricardo's podcast on keeping the sabbath, Turkey Judgement Day, and the television show 19 Kids and Counting.

Life with Kids:

We discuss keeping Christ in Christmas, share some Christmas traditions, and how we've tried to scale down the pile of presents.

Shoutouts and Feedback:

We chat about fellow parishioner Phil Frederick's appearance on The Journey Home on EWTN, Dr. Ray Guerendi's radio show, and give a big shoutout thank you to our five subscribers.  THANK YOU!

Food for the Journey:

Marianne remembers that she needs to start reading her Little Blue Book for Advent and Angie reads a "Letter from God" that has been a good reminder to both of us when we find ourselves overwhelmed.

Looking for the links and further details on what we discussed in this episode?  Be sure to check our website, www.OldMomNewMom.com, for detailed show notes with links for this episode (and all of our episodes!).

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Thanks for listening!

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We're live on iTunes and we made it to episode #2!  TGIF! As usual, we're podcasting with babies in tow so expect some lively audio!


It's turkey day!  We talk about Thanksgiving and share our Faith and Family Tip of the Week.

Life with Kids

We discuss routines, chore charts, and the need to remember that we are all works in progress, plus some ideas for gratitude in action.

Food for the Journey

We share our favorite C.S. Lewis quotes and some great recommendations for reading more of C.S. Lewis' work.

For a list of resources mentioned on this podcast, please visit the show notes for this podcast our site Old Mom New Mom.

Questions? Feedback?  Please email us at OldMomNewMom(at)gmail.com.

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It's our very first podcast, ever!   Here's a quick rundown of what we chatted about:


Angie Cole and Marianne Thomas introduce themselves to the audience and share a bit about their families, their Catholic upbringings, and their individual journeys that brought them back fully to the Church.

Life with Kids:

How we came up with the name for the podcast, how many kids we have and their ages, and why we decided to start a podcast.

Shoutouts and Feedback:

We share several podcasts, websites, shows, and other resources that have inspired us in our own faith journeys and share where you can find us online to leave feedback, ask questions, and suggest topics for the show. 

For a full list of the resources we shared on this podcast, visit our site, www.OldMomNewMom.com

Food for the Journey:

We finish up with a prayer that inspires us and some words of encouragement to all the moms out there sacrficing and striving for their children.

Feedback? Questions?  Drop us an email at OldMomNewMom@gmail.com

Thanks for listening!

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