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Recorded 10/16/2015


Angie and Marianne are back with a fresh new podcast!  They interview the leaders of their town's Elizabeth New Life Women's Center and learn about the many different ways this important pro-life ministry helps women who are dealing with unexpected pregnancies.


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Recorded 7/14/15


The moms are back and chatting it up about the MLB All Star festivities in Cincinnati, saving money on back to school supply shopping, great listener feedback from a longtime supporter of the podcast, books and movies, and a simple but inspiring quote from St. John Vianney as this episode's Food for the Journey.  


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Recorded 6/30/15


Recorded at just a hair past 5 am outside their local McDs, the moms chat about how the new time and format is actually awesome, Connor's amazing recovery from surgery, a new study on spiritual bankruptcy in Catholic families, and Greg Willits' speech at the recent 2015 Catholic New Media Conference, "Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Mistakes."  

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Recorded 6/20/15


Angie and Marianne have another great hour in their McStudio on an early Saturday morning, chatting about Father's Day, getting through surgery with your kids, cleft palate repair, books, and how our thoughts impact our behaviors in our marriage.  


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Recorded 6/13/15


The moms are back, recording early on a Saturday morning at their local McDonald's with two surprise guests! This week, they chat about graduations, cherries, pie making, channeling a little bit of Little House on the Prairie, thoughts on having your kids do summer "school" work, their current book club book about raising healthy boys, and the beauty of silence.  


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Recorded 6/5/15


We're back and podcasting from our summer digs! This week, we invite our local listeners to join us anytime for our summer podcasts then chat about the end of the school year, gradutation, we start a petition to move Mother's Day, meal helpers, berry picking, and how every mom can be part of the New Evangelization.  We also give a shoutout to a loyal listener whose comment on our FB page lifted our spirits.  

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Recorded 5/22/15


It's another lively podcast with two toddlers and one puppy underfoot!  We've got great voice feedback from loyal listeners, stories about overnight growth spurts and Jesus grafitti, some of our favorite free or nearly free things to do with kids during the summer, and a new book to read for the NQaBC Book Club this summer!


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Recorded 5/11/15


The moms chat about Mother's Day surprises, confirmation, navigating kids and technology, their May pick for the NQABCBC - "Resurrection in May" by Lisa Samson, and end the show with some tech inspired Food for the Journey.  It's a lively podcast with the two toddlers and one bouncy puppy underfoot!


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Recorded 4/30/15


The moms chat about First Communion weekend, avocados as a metaphor, share some listener feedback, and tackle the ever frustrating reality of kids losing their stuff.  With thoughts on lost items, Angie and Marianne close out the show with quotes from St. Anthony.

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Recorded 4/24/15


Angie and Marianne welcome back special guest Julie Meintel (Episode #17) to the podcast.  With stories of intrepid toddlers and busy puppies, great voice feedback from listener Kristen, and Q&A for Julie about her latest volunteer position as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the family court system, the moms go just over an hour for this show as Julie shares how as a CASA she truly embraces the motto, "I speak for the child."  The moms end with some Matthew 25 inspired food for the journey.


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MORE NEWS: Marianne has been updating the website so please visit to check out www.OldMomNewMom.com to see the new look.  She still has updating to finish in her spare time (hahahaha) but feel free to leave a comment there on the episode posts as well. 


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God Bless!

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