Old Mom New Mom Podcast

Recorded 1/28/17


Angie and Marianne are joined by their good friend Barb Patterson as they talk about talent shows, touch on getting older, share thoughts about the importance of prayer especially when it seems like you are too busy to pray (Angie's prayer chair!), share some feedback, talk about the first chapter in their latest NQABC Book Club read (My Sisters the Saints), and wrap up the show with some quotes on prayer and A Pilgrim's Prayer by Thomas Merton.

Have feedback?  Leave voice feedback at 513-696-9541 and be part of a future show or email Angie and Marianne at OldMomNewMom@gmail.com.  God bless!

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Recorded 1/16/2017


Angie and Marianne mix it up a bit with a Monday morning podcast from the McStudio and the moms talk about black holes, fighting resistance, sticker shock, and how parenting has helped teach them the difference between pride and humility.  They have great listener feedback this week plus a new super simple supper and a new book for their NQABC Book Club.  The moms finish with some quotes on humility and the litany of humility as their Food for the Journey.


Have feedback?  Send Angie and Marianne an email at OldMomNewMom@gmail.com or leave voice feedback and be part of a future show at 513-696-9541.  God bless!

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Recorded 1/7/2017


Fresh off the press, it's the first show of 2017 and Angie and Marianne talk about icemaker mysteries, realizing you're part of the sandwich generation, how confession is good for a mom's soul, their NQABCBC pick, Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorious, and the moms finish with some Saint Teresa of Calcutta thoughts as their Food for the Journey.  


Have feedback?  Leave a voicemail for the moms and be part of a future show by calling 513-696-9541 or send the moms an email to OldMomNewMom@gmail.com.


God bless!

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