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Recorded 10/8/16


Angie and Marianne welcome back their dear friend Liz Sako and her husband Mike Sako, recent attendees of a Marriage Encounter Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Liz and Mike graciously share some thoughts about why a Marriage Encounter Weekend is a great retreat for couples at anytime in their marriage.  

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Recorded 10/1/16


It's September 31st (hahaha - just kidding; we know it's October 1st!) and Angie and Marianne are back in the McStudio talking about the latest Cole birthday, Abba and The Martian, the difference between bribes and rewards for helping your child's behavior, and feedback, feedback, feedback!  The moms end with some thoughts from St. Teresa of Calcutta on the importance of each person.


Have feedback?  Call Angie and Marianne at 513-696-9541 to leave voice feedback or send the moms an email to OldMomNewMom@gmail.com.


God bless!

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