Old Mom New Mom Podcast

Recorded 5/21/16


Angie and Marianne are back in the McStudio chatting about daddy daughter date nights, field trips and what kind of old lady Marianne will be when she grows up, and why failure is good for kids.  They share some great listener feedback and some quotes on failure as their Food for the Journey.  

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Recorded 5/7/16


Angie surprises Marianne with photo evidence of what happens when you leave gel pens and toddlers in the same room and the moms share their thoughts on a recent article titled, "How to Destroy Your Child's Athletic Future in 3 Easy Steps," by professional coach Matt Russ of SportFactoryProShop.com.

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Recorded 4/30/16


Angie and Marianne are joined by their good friend, Julie Meintel (prior guest on #17, #48. and somewhere in the mid-50's) and the moms discuss the gift of cleaning, Take Your Kids to Work Day, and then finally get down to discussing their latest NQABCBC book - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  

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God bless!

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