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Recorded 2/26/15




Angie and Marianne chat about crazy scheduling moments with kids.  Despite the snow on the ground, the moms thoughts are on starting spring vegetable gardens.   




The moms share practical tips on ways to save money based on their experiences with what works and what doesn't and ask for listener feedback.




Marianne shares the news: there is now a direct phone number for listeners to leave their voice feedback!  Call 513-696-9541 to record voice feedback for the moms and be featured on a future podcast! 


The moms also chat about a moving documentary they both watched this week, Living on One Dollar.



Angie shares a passage from St. Paul to Phillipians that has helped her keep her trust in God's providence in matters of money.


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God Bless!

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Recorded 2/23/15




Angie and Marianne talk about last week's arctic blast and the resulting week off of school for the kids.  The moms laugh about their Mardi Gras sweet treats.




The moms share some practical tips on how to find time to tend to your own needs during the hectic motherhood years - including prayer, exercise, quiet, getting a haircut, and more.




Angie shares some fun feedback from a far flung friend.  The moms review their Book Pick for Feb 2015, Momnipotent by Danielle Bean.



Ever feel like Lent becomes a one-upmanship competition?  The moms share some wise words from the gospel of Matthew to help keep us all centered on what Lent should look like.  


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God Bless!

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Recorded 2/13/15




Angie and Marianne share a few laughs about how they both realized they need to do a better job of not interrupting the other person while podcasting and Angie shares some thoughts about the 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Self-Directed Marian Retreat by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley.




Marianne shares about her recent health scare and encourages all women to get their mammograms despite the fear of the unknown.




Angie has been a pinning fool, adding a "Lent" board to the Old Mom New Mom Pinterest boards, and she shares some of the family ideas she pinned for Lent.  Both Angie and Marianne talk about the newest podcast they've listened to this week, Good Things Radio.




With Valentine's Day tomorrow and the release of the 50 Shades movie, both moms share a story and several quotes about what true love really looks like.


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God Bless! 

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Recorded 2/9/15



Angie and Marianne share why it took so long to release episode #38.  Angie shares First Reconciliation news.  And the moms share thoughts on the 50 Shades of Gray craze.


Life with Kids

Angie shares her challenges with the weaning process and both moms share some simple tips for knowing when to wean your baby as well as how to step down your nursing schedule.


Shoutouts and Feedback


The moms welcome new listeners who have found them recently through The Catholics Next Door podcast.  


Food for the Journey


Calamity ensues as three toddlers take over Angie's house; Marianne takes over for the brief remainder of the show.


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God Bless!

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