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Recorded 1/28/15




Angie and Marianne introduce their dear friend and special guest, Karen Hines, a mom of ten and convert to the Catholic Church.  The moms chat about cutting teeth and about Angie's daughter's favorite Christmas gift.



The moms interview Karen, asking her questions about her faith journey, her kids, and her thoughts on having a big family.




Karen shares a beloved bible verse that has helped her in her life as a mom and Angie shares a beautiful poem about being a woman of strength versus being a strong woman.


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God Bless! 

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Recorded 1/23/15




The moms chat about birthdays and birth stories; in the background the toddler girls are making a bigger ruckus than usual!

Life with Kids

The moms do their best to share some tips on dealing with cold and flu season with little ones aged three and under while the toddlers (one of whom is sick with a cold) do their best to derail the podcast.


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Food for the Journey


Angie shares some inspiring JPII quotes.


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God Bless!

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Recorded 1/16/15




The moms chat about the upcoming three day weekend.  Angie gives an update on her knee surgery recovery (thanks for prayers, all!), and the moms discuss the recent national news stories out of their corner of Ohio.



The moms tackle the challenging topic of sharing your faith with your kids, not just teaching them the facts of the faith.




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The moms share some more thoughts on their January 2015 book: Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves.


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God Bless!


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Old Mom New Mom, Episode #34: How to Deal with Clutter - Kids AND Yours

Recorded 1/8/15




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The moms catch up after a long Christmas break and chat about how they spent their time over the past two weeks




The moms tackle the perrenial post-Christmas challenge faced by moms everywhere: how to deal with clutter in the wake of the gift-giving season and during the New Year's Resolution season.




The moms share some fantastic listener voice feedback and comment on the question of how to stop comparing yourself to others in all things, but especially in the area of piety or holiness.




The moms have a new book for January 2015: Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves by Jason Evert, and they share their thoughts on part one of this amazing look at JPII's life before and after the papacy.


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Angie and Marianne share a special New Year's Day message with their listeners.

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