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Recorded 4/17/14


Happy Easter from Angie and Marianne!  Enjoy this shorter podcast (26 minutes) and look for our next podcast the week of 4/28/14.


God Bless!

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Recorded 4/17/14


Angie and Marianne share a shorter podcast (26 minutes) with a special Happy Easter message.


The moms will be taking the next week off of podcasting (spring break) and will return the week of April 28, 2014.


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God Bless!

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Recorded 4/9/14




Angie and Marianne talk about the upcoming cannonization of JP2 and Angie shares a recent milestone.


Life with Kids:

The moms share some helpful websites that can be used to set up meal deliveries to families in need or organize volunteers.  Angie and Marianne share ideas for Triduum and share their plans to pray the steps at Holy Immaculata in Mount Adams as well as a Faith and Family Tip of the Week.


Shoutouts and Feedback:

Thank you to our loyal subscribers and listeners!  This week's international shoutout is to Pennsylvania....Holla PA!  Also a shoutout to CatholicCuisine.blogspot.com!


Food for the Journey:

Marianne and Angie share some thoughts they had after their parish's penance service, especially the question, "Are we there yet?!"


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Recorded 4/4/14



Angie and Marianne welcome their third special guest, Julie Meintel, a fellow mom who is also a step mom and a grandmom - three moms in one!


Life with Kids

Julie shares some thoughts about her unique perspective on motherhood with the moms as well as some insights on being a convert to Catholicism.  She also shares with the moms some information about the pregnancy center where she volunteers in town


Shoutouts and Feedback

Thank you to our loyal subscribers and listeners!  We are always thrilled to see that you are engaged with our podcasts.  Please keep those emails coming to OldMomNewMom (at) gmail.com or leave voice feedback at OldMomNewMom.com.

This week's international shout out is to our friends up north in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Holla Prince Edward Island!


Food for the Journey

The moms share some house building inspired food for the journey from C.S. Lewis.


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