Old Mom New Mom Podcast

Recorded 2/13/15




Angie and Marianne share a few laughs about how they both realized they need to do a better job of not interrupting the other person while podcasting and Angie shares some thoughts about the 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Self-Directed Marian Retreat by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley.




Marianne shares about her recent health scare and encourages all women to get their mammograms despite the fear of the unknown.




Angie has been a pinning fool, adding a "Lent" board to the Old Mom New Mom Pinterest boards, and she shares some of the family ideas she pinned for Lent.  Both Angie and Marianne talk about the newest podcast they've listened to this week, Good Things Radio.




With Valentine's Day tomorrow and the release of the 50 Shades movie, both moms share a story and several quotes about what true love really looks like.


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God Bless! 

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